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Bad News and Good News..

Bad news: “Creative Control” is falling through a bit… I’m not 100% satisfied with the script, so I don’t want to proceed.  I’m kind of picky that way.

Good news: I finished writing another series (shorter, this time) called “Cannon Fodder.”  It follows the character Luis Cannon from the second season of my friend’s webseries “Shephard and Eagle” (can be seen here… currently on season 4!: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCDB3FE86DDDB9098)

The spinoff series takes place before the events of the second season of “Shephard and Eagle,” detailing the misadventures of Cannon and his unfortunate partners.

I will be filming four episodes once I get back to Kenyon, starring Kenyon students.


Fallen Angell Films

Hello!  My name is Robert Angell, the main brain behind Fallen Angell Films.  We aim to create awesome, low-budget films, putting ART above silly things like making money.  In terms of themes, I like to explore the everyday comedies and tragedies of humanity.  My favorite ideals are Love, Peace, Balance, and Equality.

I will be putting up some films at some point…

Also, sorry for the depressing icon.  There are literally no happy pictures of fallen angels.


So remember that thing I had said about me adding videos?  Yeah it’s not happening.  WordPress wants me to pay monies to be able to post videos.  Not happening.  I’m a cheap bastard.

Good news: I’m getting off me bumhole (that’s a lie… I am seated whilst doing this) and setting up Fallen Angell Films’ YouTube account!  Unlike Robert’s YouTube account, this one will be ONLY for Fallen Angell Films!  Pretty soon you’ll be able to see favorites like Prey, Je Regrette…, and Phi Cosa Nostra, (and, in 2011, Creative Control) all in one easy-to-access YouTube channel, which can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/user/FallenAngellFilms?feature=mhum